Christmas Morning

The excitement and delight was a joy to behold on Christmas morning.

Lego City book

Lego Superman

Hot Wheels truck

Batman Fever

Bruins Fans

The whole day (and the past week) was spent putting Lego together, enjoying a fantastic meal, and playing the new Wii Farmor gave us.

Intent on the Batcave

Exploring Mario’s world

Inhabiting Superman’s persona

(Superman is a very serious superhero…)

Making sure the pudding doesn’t collapse

We had a great time with Mamó and Granddad here for a week.


All week long we worked on a lovely Parisian scene on a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle. We had a mammoth push on the last night of Mum and Dad’s visit so that Mum could put in the last piece.

The road and the roofs were the hardest parts!

It was a very fun time, but all the good food and playtime certainly left us tired.

Eoin fell asleep cheering Papa on in Zelda


One comment

  1. It’s great to see your Family 🙂 Seems the Boys were so excited on Christmas morning, so that there wasn’t even time for clothes…

    Michael didn’t change at all. I guess i would have known him as I saw him on a street. Please give the best wishes to your parents.


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