“Just Make My ‘Stock’ Already”

These delightful words kept coming out of Conor’s mouth last weekend. He seemed to think “stock”(-ing)s are capable of appearing out of thin air… He also would appear with helpful commands such as “Focus!”, “Is my stock ready?, and “Where’s my stock?”

I have been wanting to make stockings for two years now. I finally got around to it this year. I decided I absolutely had to use some fabric the boys’ grandaunt Susanna gave me many years ago. I had been loathe to cut it, but it needs to be USED and seen, not stuck in a fabric box!

Somebody is very happy with my work

I used some gold fabric for the inside lining, and some leftover Ikea curtain fabric for the cuffs. I had originally intended to use a different Christmassy fabric for the stockings but it just wasn’t right. The gold lining was originally supposed to be the cuff but miraculously there was just enough for two linings! I am so happy with these.

Ready for Santa

Suzi gave me two cuts of this lovely red fabric. It was a teeeeny bit on the small side for a tablecloth but after laying it on the table I couldn’t resist hemming it and using it anyway! So lovely.

Ready for a smorgasbord

Thank you Suzi!!! (PS I am still searching for something to with the Tomten fabric. I think your idea of placemats or a table runner is definitely worth exploring, though possibly a Christmas tree skirt? Needs more thought…)



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