I got my laptop back! With data intact! Here is a symphony of green:

Green Bubbling Star Wars Slime (link to recipe if you click on picture)

And the second sweater for Liam… CUUUUUUUTE! (Yvonne, the recipient’s mother called the green “very Irish” – perfect!)

I used a Sirdar pattern from a book I picked up at the Reading Craftsman Fair for 50c! When I was trying to figure out a design element though I looked up the pattern’s ravelry page and I immediately yelped “That’s LOU!” The Yarn Harlot knitted the same sweater for Luis two Christmases ago (she got the design element wrong – shhhh!) It’s funny how you recognize your favorite blogger’s favorite muses in pattern photos…

Design D, Sweater from Sirdar, in Norwegian wool Rauma Istra, size 0-3 months

I ran out of light green, so I did the button band in darker green with the bind off in the last yards of light green. It was a long shot, but it worked and I love it!

I love the sleeves (the back is plain thank goodness!)

Little Liam doesn’t go on facebook, so if I probably won’t post a picture of him on my blog if I get one… I will just enjoy them all to myself!!!


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