Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

About 4 weeks ago I got cranberries in our farm share. I knew I wanted to make cranberry sauce but I kept putting it off! Today was the day…

Ready to burst


When cranberries burst they make a lovely popping sound! Maybe not as satisfying as the pop from a jar lid as it seals, but awesome nonetheless.

I will bring the cranberry sauce to Nashville for Thanksgiving, and we will have some here for Christmas too.

Another thing on my mind for Thanksgiving is the journey there. I will be traveling on my own again with the two boys. I went to a good toy store in Melrose (Lilah Rose) today because I got a fantastic Usborne dry-erase learn-to-write book there before that is excellent for an airplane journey. Today I scored again and got a Melissa and Doug water-pen drawing pad (on great thick cardboard stock). The boys love painting with water so this will be a lifesaver.

Mum sends the best sticker books to the boys and I had a package from her unopened waiting for the trip until I realised I should open it to make sure I don’t double up on my trip to Lilah Rose. It’s a winner!

Sticker books from Mum, free I Spy book from Kelloggs, Water Pad from Lilah Rose store.

(Mum, I have repackaged them so it will still be a surprise from Mamó for the boys!)

All I actually ended up doubling up on in the store was helmets…

Construction Worker Conor and Fireman Eoin


One comment

  1. I went through the first forty or so years of my life thinking I didn’t like cranberry sauce. It turns out, I just don’t like it from a can! Thanks for reminding me it’s that time! 🙂

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