There are a flurry of babies arriving to friends around the world in the next months. I thought I should get started early and picked the first baby due. My friends Michael and Yvonne were due to have a boy in December. I had one single skein of boy-colored Sirdar Snuggly DK Daux Fair Isle Effect so I thought I would try it on a vest from the same leaflet for the sweater I made Francesco in London. I hoped the double seed stitch on top would mitigate the pooling you can get with these yarns when you reduce your number of stitches for the shoulder. It was a success!

An interesting effect

The project would have to be 0-6 month size because I only had one skein. It was the perfect amount!

Then, on the day I was finishing the ribbing on the second armhole, baby Liam made an early entrance into this world! How fortuitous that I had chosen a small project for such a teeny 3.5lb baby! (I usually choose 6-12 month sizes these days.) I finished it that night, and added a preemie hat that I had completed a year and a half ago. I’m glad I held on to it instead of donating it. I didn’t want to donate just a single hat and the other hat went to baby June. It’s serendipitous, because both hats have now gone to Irish astrophysicist’s babies…

The set looks really cute, and was well received in Sweden.

For baby Liam


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