Snow in November

We had a wild weekend after Halloween. Stormy and snowy! Yuck! We lit a nice fire and also got to try out the sizing on our winter gear (Conor has grown almost 3 inches since I last measured him in February, so an order went in to LLBean for a new coat the second I dried off and finished my hot cocoa…)

Berries in the snow

Winter Webbing

The boys quickly found novel ways of making passable snowballs with the extremely wet snow – scoop it off objects!

Eoin’s snowball machine

Conor had a blast scooping snow off the car and throwing it back at the car – you’d think my poor car gets enough abuse under those berry trees!


Thankfully we were back up to 65 (!) by yesterday. Rain and 50 comes back today. I took the bouncy house out for a final fling after school and now it is in the basement for a little bit of a clean and to dry out…


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