Grandpa David’s package set off a fantastic Halloween in this house. It got the perfect mood going and activities at school and in the neighborhood kept the excitement up, culminating in an excellent trick-or-treat session Halloween Night.

Batman delays his entrance for effect

My neighbor held a “pre-game” party for the local toddlers at her house. I made my favorite cupcakes with Halloween stencils from Williams Sonoma.

My favorite is the owl

I also tried something I had seen on Pinterest. Pumpkin Pretzels! They were a big hit with the adults while waiting for pizza. I love that mixture of salt and sweet.


We headed to the party while it was still bright. As soon as darkness came it would be time to hit the streets, so I got a photo in before things got crazy!

Batman and Darth Vader and the Giant Pumpkin

Batman and Darth Vader of course loved playing with their neighbor’s toys and could be seen collaborating on construction and in the kitchen and with the princess castle…

And of course this was the last photo opportunity I got that night!


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