The Pumpkin Package

Grandpa David sent a fantastic package again for Halloween! The boys were delighted with everything! I think you can see it on their faces pretty clearly!

So this is why the box was cackling

A rainbow!

I managed to stash some of the candy and pops. They are coming in very handy this stormy week…

As a thank you for David I turned my hand to crochet. It was really fun and a nice challenge and I feel a lot more confident with single crochet, half-double crochet and double crochet now. I made him a coaster:

Though it could just be for decoration of course!

The boys decorated a lovely card my friend Teresa made with a photograph of hers (she’s not just a knitter – she takes great photos and makes cards with them – I hope to buy some more at the Reading Craft Fair this weekend yay!)



    1. Most definitely! They’re getting their second round of use here! Also all the great shorts were fantastic all summer long…

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