I have a new-found love for selfies… I got two this week from my sisters-in-law! You know what it is that I love about them? Somebody is wearing something I made them!!! And sending me a photo! High up on my list of things I love.

Why all the selfies? I caught up on some headbands like the ones I made my mother-in-law and Bronwen so now all of Papa’s sisters and sister-in-law have them!

The first one I made was for Lovisa. She asked for black, but my friend Teresa gave me help with some buttons and the knit night ladies all convinced me some sparkle would really set it off! However, what really sets all of them off just right is their intended recipients…



Clemson Tedium

Clemson CUTEDOM!

The one I made for Lena was my favorite yarn by far. It was Classic Elite Yarns Chateau with Alpaca and Bamboo. Smush heaven. I don’t have a selfie for that yet!

Eggplant was the color choice

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