Pretzels with Prototypes

My friend and neighbor Tara was planning a sports party for her son’s birthday. She asked me if I had ever cooked soft pretzels and I was inspired. I always get nostalgic when October 3 comes around (Day of German Unity, and also the day I moved to Germany to start my MA and the day we left Germany for Arizona)

My friend Cara gave me a cool German baking book when she visited us one time in Heidelberg. It had three different kinds of pretzels! Savory, sweet, and donut style! Donuts were impractical for the party so I went with salty and sweet!

Pretzel dough and pizza dough (for dinner!)

The recipe said to roll it out to thumb thickness – too thick:

Before baking

After baking

I learned a lot from these prototypes. My dough was too wet, I didn’t really knead it, I didn’t follow the directions and just put one batch at a time in the middle of the oven… They were still pretty good! I made them into yum breadcrumbs for chicken fingers.

Next up to try was the sweet pretzel. This dough seemed very forgiving and didn’t need time to rise etc. It si also tastes different – kind of crunchy. Pretty yummy!


So today I went ahead with the final product and they were a hit at the party! People were leery of the unknown sweet pretzel and didn’t even try it, but they loved the salty. Here’s a before and after shot of the soft pretzel today. As you can see I put many of my lessons into practice. I rolled it out thinner and I cooked only one batch at a time.

Good memories of Brezel


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