New Pictures

A while back a colleague of my husband’s posted a link to his brother’s photographs on Facebook. Some of Dominic Moriarty’s photographs really struck a chord with both of us and we ordered them from Ireland. They came rolled up in a tube in amazing time with a lovely handwritten note and instructions from Dominic. He recommended not cutting corners with framing so we didn’t.

I tried out a local framing store that I had a feeling would be worth the extra expense and managed to wrangle the boys sufficiently to make decisions on frames and backing etc. Well, it turns out it must not have been quite so sufficiently because they took my order down wrong and instead of two of the same frames, the alternate choice frame was used for one piece.

But, as they say, everything happens for a reason. That frame suits the piece perfectly. It is now my favorite corner of our house.

The picture is where the clock used to be, so every time I try to look at the time I get a wonderful surprise and happy feeling.

Do you notice the curtains, and the tie back? Papa also put up the hooks for my tie backs so I can show those off too! Merete curtains from Ikea.

It turns out both photos were from Clifden, in Galway. We hope to travel there next summer as Papa has a meeting in Galway city (with Dominic’s brother!) Papa hasn’t seen Connemara so a bit of exploration is on the itinerary.

The second piece looks fantastic over our fireplace. I can’t wait to enjoy it once the temperatures decrease and we veer towards our cosy fireplace room instead of the TV room!

Of course, when Papa gets on a roll with a project many languishing projects tend to get done. Conor got Star Wars pictures:

Eoin got Tow Mater and Monsters University:

and THIS is how we got it all done:

Battle of the B’s – Bowser and Batman


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