Red Sox Luck

So, I entered a raffle for Red Sox tickets for one of the final games of the season against the Yankees – a big deal! We didn’t win, BUT we won the consolation prize of two tickets to see them against the Rays. We already had tickets for the next day too as part of our mini-package, so we decided to make the Wednesday a family day and if Conor could manage it he would go again on Thursday with Papa!

Well, Eoin had a screamathon on the walk in about being in the carrier, so we split up so I could calm him down. Since Papa was walking in alone with Conor on his shoulders a Boston policeman stopped him and asked him were they on their own. He was in full throes of a migraine so he answered yes, and the policeman gave him two Pavilion Club tickets!!! Awesome tickets!

We met up in the end and tried to get all four of us in – success!

Great view

There were a lot of foul balls coming up our way, so we got our closest ever chance to catch one! Here is a screen grab of us on TV trying to get the ball! (It should have been ours…)

The next night Papa brought the Pavilion stubs and managed to get up in the great seats again with Conor. Heaven!

It pays to support the Sox in good times and in bad! A quiet, cold night against the Rays isn’t the Yankees, but it IS a great family experience!


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