Grate The Butter!!!

I attended iFest, a new Irish festival this year in Boston. I had noticed that Darina Allen would be demonstrating her cooking so I knew I couldn’t miss it.

I love the mirror over the stove

She was great, witty, fast and fun. She made scones, raisin soda bread, raspberry jam and barmbrack all in one hour! The coolest tip I saw was for the scones (I am never happy about how my scones turn out flat but she said that huge risen scones are disproportionate to the jam anyway, so there!) She grated cold butter into the mixture so you don’t have to handle it so much. Genius!

I tried it with my biscuit crust for chicken pot pie this week. Fun!

Next I will try it with scones. The buttermilk is already bought. Darina said to add a bit of cream to American buttermilk because it has less fat.


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