Emily Dickinson

I finished Emily Dickinson by Kieran Foley in time for submission to the Topsfield Fair, however, I had not realized that it must be submitted online two weeks prior. Ah well, I will know next year and I can start planning a project a little bit sooner this time! (I’m hooked on Kieran Foley, so I think Aran Waves will be next)

This is the shawl before blocking. I think the blocking helped a lot for stretching and structure but it did not correct snags (my rough hands snagged on the silk and created some holes etc.) I had to correct those holes manually through some pulling. Maybe with wool that would correct itself better in blocking?

The boys needed some bouncy time so I blocked outside! I realize my top blocking was not great and would be better with wires, but hey…

46 inches span (pattern says 50)

Does the silk show up imperfect skill?

Beads and yarnovers

The shawl is really nice. I think the silk shows up all imperfections but it is gorgeous nonetheless. I will try and wear my shiny black top from 15 years ago (my Guinness-drinking days) to show it off next week to my knit crew (and have a brew too – of coffee that is…)


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