A Week Camping in Cape Cod

It has taken us four (!) years of living in Massachusetts to get to Cape Cod! It is exactly 100 miles from our house to the exit for our campground – Nickerson State Park. I did a lot of research on campsites and scored big time with our campsite near a secret beach. The boys loved heading down there for a swim and some playtime and we saw a lot of wildlife there. One morning a very large snapping turtle kept coming up almost to shore and then turning back. We named the beach Turtle Beach after that.

The boys in for a swim ahead of me, walking with Daddy, our campsite, the snapping turtle, waking up with Daddy

The rest of our time was spent up and down the coastlines checking out all the beaches. This was fairly economical because fees for parking end after Labor Day. Phew!

Two beaches a day was very hard work… Lots of digging, lots of swimming, lots of snacks. The boys got along fantastically and could be heard organizing their stormtroopers’ days at the movies and restaurants (???) all day.

My favorite part was catching hermit crabs

We shared our campsite with a lot of daddy longlegs, frogs, wolf spiders… The bathrooms were a favorite haunt:


We were pretty sick of daddy longlegs by the end! Our tent kept most of them out and our screen house helped a lot too, though the spiders liked to nest in the corners.

On the last day Papa took over the cooking so lobster was on the menu, with corn and hot dogs roasted over the open fire too. How he cooked his monster 3-pounder on our propane stove in camping pots remains a mystery to me, but it was the BEST lobster I’ve ever tasted.

Time for dinner!


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