Just Bring Me the Hot Biscuits and Country Ham

Yet again we received an offer from the farm co-op that was too good to refuse; A box of 20lbs of peach “seconds” – peaches that would have to be processed right away. Since Papa can’t touch the skins I have to peel them whenever we have them anyway so I thought I’d be up for the challenge. But really, what was I thinking? TWENTY pounds!!!

I slowly got the hang of everything during my 5-hour marathon in the kitchen. Some peaches really didn’t want to look pretty in a jar, so one bowl was for canning and the other would be chopped up for jam.

Almost at 8lbs ready for canning! Phew!

With the canning done I got started on the jam. It was already 9.30pm but I just kept going. I tried to keep on top of my kitchen but counter space was limited!

Peaches for eating or pie in blue bowl, peaches for jam in Pyrex jugs, homemade applesauce for jam in next blue bowl, jars ready for jam, pots ready for water bath etc, canned peaches at the end

This was a tiring process and Papa had to pick up a lot of slack on the bedtime routine. My feet are still killing me today from not sitting down from 7pm to midnight. But, see that lovely juice in that extra bowl of peaches?

Chopped peaches for jam and peaches for Papa (or pie if they last that long???)

We got some fine cocktail-making peach juice out of that juice and the canning peaches juice! Papa made me a life-saving Sex on the Beach to keep me going.

Plus, I will make a yummy pie tomorrow. And the jam??? Deelish. I love it. All the work and squishing apples through a sieve and the splurting boiling jam that was trying to burn me was absolutely worth it. Though at the time I said “Never Again!”

Apple sauce





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