Our upcoming camping trip has had me scanning Pinterest for camping ideas. Papa got some great firestarters at Half Moon Pond state park when we were in Vermont. I didn’t know what they were before seeing him use them but he seemed to find them awesome and he didn’t have to faff around like in Maine – which the boys typically don’t have patience for!

I decided to make my own with some instructions off Pinterest because I want to also try dyeing candles with the boys as a craft but have never used wax before…

Wax melting, egg carton loaded with dryer lint and some wood bits

It remains to be seen how well these work. I also didn’t feel like I was saving a huge amount of money. The wax (1lb) cost me about $9 with Amazon Prime and I used half of it. Walmart has 1lb of wax for approximately $3.50 but that’s a bit of a drive and online reviews on Walmart said many stores didn’t have it despite the website saying they did… Our local hardware store had some wax for $4.99 but I couldn’t tell how much was in the package. I’ll keep an eye out for cheap wax in the future. I don’t really burn candles much in order to have old candles I could use instead… That would be best, since every part of it would be recycled then!

Watch this space


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