Peter Pan Pirates

Papa plays board games every Friday night, and sometimes I have very wacky ideas as to how to fill the time. I often do things most sane parents wouldn’t attempt.

Wakefield Youth Repertory Theatre was piutting on a production of Peter Pan at a local high school. I thought the familiar story along with a local, youth production would be the best combination of positives for a successful first try at theatre for the boys. So, with trepidation, I went ahead with my plan of culture, and THE BOYS LOVED IT!!! I loved it too. The kids work all summer at camp on this production and then put on an amazing show with high flying, pristine choreography and excellent singing.

What Am I In For?

The boys remained pretty quiet, except for sometimes wondering aloud where Peter Pan, Captain Hook or the Tick Tock Croc were. Conor wanted to go AGAIN! And he wants to fly on stage too… Eoin’s favorite part was the Tick Tock Croc.

On the Sunday I got a call that Eoin had won the raffle prize of an Imaginext pirate ship and some Jake toys! I believe I have set myself up for disaster, since the expectations for the NEXT show are much higher now!

We had a whole week of pirate play also…




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