For Me

My knitting friends have cooked up a plan. They aim for every one in our group to submit something to the Topsfield Fair this September. With three months forced hiatus from knitting because of my hands I have very little to offer. The alpaca shawl is obviously the best submission but it is enjoying keeping Farmor snuggly and I would be loathe to borrow it.

I was pretty badly in need of something for myself. My knitting friend Caroline kept hinting that my husband had lamented to her at jury duty (they were on jury duty together!!!) that I had not touched the Chinese silk he got me. It was time. I have been planning to knit the Emily Dickinson shawl by Kieran Foley since I got the silk.

I got the beads in Rockport with Farmor.

It was TIME…


I messed up. I started knitting straight off a cone of silk! Yarn BARF! Silk Disaster! The silk knotted and tangled and had to be CUT mercilessly.

Trying to salvage

Now, obviously, all the ends will not look pretty in this silk, and it may not be showable at the Fair, but I am continuing nonetheless.

The silk winds so sloppily that I have to do it bit by bit. I have figured out a system where Papabear holds the cone while I wind it, then I wind that back on to some of the boys’ toys that it adheres to perfectly. Who knew?

The ladies at knit night came up with the cling wrap and ziplock system!

I have no idea if it will be finished in time for the fair, or if it will block nicely, but I have learned so much from this that the next will be so much better. And there will definitely be a next. I’m hooked.


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