Camping in Vermont

All in a row

Well, the rain forecast was true, for our tiny little biosphere of a campsite on Half Moon Pond, but during the day we spent our time in the sunshine at Lake St. Catherine.

The boys had a complete blast with a load of their cousins. Uncle Wayland had plenty of toys for the water too. I was delighted to get the boys in the kayak!


And Papabear and I took the Sunfish out on a tiny puff of wind…

Daddy was very popular as an armrest for boat rides.

After two full days with the cousins we would head back to our campsite 20 miles away. It always seemed to be dripping there, but it was beautiful. I would like to go back and actually see the place!

Fueling up for the day

When we got back each night the boys had fallen asleep in the car, so I transferred them to their beds while Papa made a fire to have a cider by. Bliss.

The new tent, and the two chairs by the fire.

I was happy with the new tent. A bit of condensation on the inside, but no rain… I’m REALLY looking forward to a whole week’s camping in Cape Cod with it.


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