Genius or Doofus?

Last night, my husband was very conflicted. He stood in the kitchen at times aghast, at times giggling, and, occasionally, intrigued.

It was late and I was trying to figure out bottling my first ever cordial. I wanted to use my lemon balm since I get it often with my CSA and we got a double box this week due to our vacation. TWO bunches of lemon balm? What to do?

Gooseberry and lemon balm cordial:

Nervous but excited

I was hopeless at figuring out the intricacies of bottling. My husband watched and offered advice. I boiled some plastic soda bottles (he giggled), I poured the mixture straight onto cheesecloth (he suggested a sieve first), I spilled here and there (he supplied paper towels). But by the end, we had a delicious cordial. I think mostly he was in awe that I could think up such a delicious treat, but at the same time be so incompetent in its completion.

Still. Genius.


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