Minnesota Lake House

After Minneapolis we went down to Bronwen’s lake house in Southwest Minnesota. We were so lucky to be able to go again this year. The boys had a blast with their  cousins and we had a bit of a rest, some fantastic food, and a lot of water sports.

High Fives

Your Turn!

We got both boys out on the jet ski and in the fishing boat. Eoin even went on the speed boat twice (still can’t get Conor to go)

Eoin’s first jet ski ride

Conor got the jet ski up to 62mph!

When the weather was cooler (polar vortex anyone?) there was a fair amount of time spent on iPads

Or in the hot tub

All 9 kids

Mummy and Daddy took out JT’s Corvette on the straight Midwestern roads.

Life in the fast lane

While the boys got Kellen’s fourwheeler going pretty fast too!


On our last full day we made a final attempt to catch some fish. We have been trying for three years with no luck so far! Brennen was up for joining us so off we went.

Finally! I caught my first ever fish! Our first ever fish at this lake!

I might look happy but this was torture and took many tries to hold. I was extremely freaked out.

Papa caught the biggest

Brennen caught two!

A victorious return

Ready for fillets


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