Papa had a meeting in Minneapolis, so we joined him later that week. I flew on my own with the boys for the first time. It went really well!

On Saturday I brought the boys to two museums, after waiting in line for 1.5hours at Al’s breakfast. Bacon waffle was worth it (I think…) The Bell Museum of Natural History was close to us on the university campus so that was a lovely stop after breakfast. They have fantastic dioramas (I now know what that words means…) and a wonderful Touch and Feel room with dead and live things to explore.


When we got back to the hotel room the boys changed the beds into a wrestling arena yet again, so a nap was out of the question. Off to the Children’s Museum, on the Train!!!

The Children’s Museum of Minnesota is excellent. There were areas where the boys were so engrossed that I was loathe to drag them away too soon to another area that they would become engrossed in. There was a Thomas the Tank Engine room with a huge train table and an excellent interactive Percy that you could change his wheels etc and load him up with coal (and a lot of teamwork).

Conor painted Thomas with a fresh coat

The younger kids area was well done, with a seasonal theme that included some ice fishing!

I’m better than my parents at ice fishing…

I didn’t get any photos of their favorite area – a warehouse where you could use conveyor belts to move blocks to a waiting truck or upstairs for more processing etc. I tore them away from it for long enough to explore the great water room with pipe systems for moving ping pong balls and creating suction and much more.

It meant the bed was used for its correct purpose that night…


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