Lego Discovery Museum

I felt compelled to fill the week of July 4 with activities since our Y classes did not take place. I ordered some tickets for the new Lego Discovery Museum in Somerville. My initial reaction was “I need to queue even though I already have tickets?”, followed by “Am I in a cattle herd?” as we were ushered through picking out a Minifigure and a (fun) shoot-em train ride. Once we were through the initial herding we were on our own to enjoy Mini Boston.

Fenway Pahk

We all really liked Mini Boston. Fenway had a pinball aspect where you could try and hit a “pitch”, you could press buttons at the airport and other areas to make trucks move etc, and you could race row boats down the Charles River.

After that you enter a large room that is cut off into sections. I was unimpressed with the size and scale. It was also very loud. The Duplo area was very small with one slide and some large foam blocks in a pit, the pink area was uninteresting unless you like karaoke and cooking without pots, Conor was the right size for the bicycle-powered ride but needed an adult, who couldnt leave Eoin, who was not the right size.

We got the most enjoyment out of the race tracks, once you fought your way through to the bricks and found some wheels. We also liked the earthquake towers, of which there are also too few.

Duplo doesn’t fall down…

There is a fairly big play structure that I didn’t know you need to wear socks for, so Conor got a $1 pair at the cafe while Eoin had to stay outside because the only size socks they had were just way too big for him. Bummer.

There are 3 15-minute movies running in the 4-D theater. We saw the medieval one. The boys got pretty scared by the 3D rhino horn and other things, but were troopers really, even through the snow falling on us!

Eoin’s first movie

All in all I will hold off on this experience until the boys are somewhat older. I will also not pay the full price if I can help it.


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