Boston Harbor Islands

My friend Una was visiting Boston this past weekend, newly engaged, and therefore I needed to pull out all the stops. Freshly back from Minnesota I didn’t have time to get some bubbly on ice, so I did a whirlwind tour of the supermarket to cobble together a picnic (sparkling cider has bubbles!) while Papa took the boys to swim class. Off we went on a train and ferry adventure. We had a disastrous commuting experience and had to run from the train to the wharf but somehow we managed to catch the ferry to George’s Island and I caught my breath enough to congratulate Una and Roger. Don’t you just love meeting somebody’s significant other for the first time in full freak-out mode and out of breath and you still have to collect tickets and run to catch a ferry?

George’s Island was SO cool. It was so refreshing to get out on a boat and see the city from a new angle.

Looking back to the city

The boys had a blast with Una and Roger.

We had to drag Conor around a bit with the promise of more cannons, and the dark tunnels were too scary, mostly because of a screaming school group. It was really fun to walk around the walls and look for pirates, until a fog bank rolled in and everything turned mystical.

The city is disappearing in the mist

The pirates are hiding in the fog!

The ferry back was crazy. We couldn’t even see the airplanes taking off and landing right beside us. (I’m sure that was very encouraging for Una and Roger who were flying back to Ireland that night!)

What an awesome day.

Congratulations Una and Roger!




  1. What a great adventure! You’ve really inspired me to get out there – those chairs on the island look sooo inviting! 🙂

  2. We are friends of Una and Roger and met at Timberlock where they were engaged! Love them! and Love the pictures in Boston!

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