Time to Make Strawberry Jam

We are switching to a different CSA this year. A more local one has a long waitlist that we didn’t succeed in conquering this year, but we have been accepted as members so we can take part in their November and December shares AND we can make bulk orders. First bulk opportunity? Strawberries!


I decided when we discussed the order that I would love to make my first ever jam.

All set???

The verdict: I had trouble getting the mixture to go above 217degFahrenheit. My recipe from Darina Allen said 220F. I boiled the heck out of it and just went for it after 20 minutes. It’s slightly runny for sure, but I was extremely pleased when I opened it up this morning.

I love how RED it is!

The next thing I want to make is strawberry ice cream. Should manage it tonight. Papabear is craving it. We had some vanilla ice cream with leftover slime/syrup from the jam making on Tuesday night. Yum!

In the meantime we have strawberries every second of the day. We even initially had a toddler-level strawberry bar set up.

Easy access

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