No-Sew Blanket

With all the curtains finished in the house (save the dining room, whose color is hard to match) it was time to make some returns to Ikea. I got an Ikea Family email with upcoming events and I was drawn to the No-Sew Blanket one. I always think these kits look so expensive at JoAnns for something so simple and have thus avoided them, but this meant a free blanket, and crafting! Score!

Picnic blanket

Of course, there’s no such thing as a free blanket… I was drawn to these items as an accompaniment… I still have to finish the blanket, but it’s been kind of hot to lay it on my lap for half an hour… I got about a quarter done while Eoin played on the iPhone and Conor played at the kid’s play area.

Now I must remember to put that cider in the fridge.


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