Meath Ruffles

I was in Michael’s craft store last week looking for canning supplies (no stock, and found for much cheaper at Bed, Bath and Beyond by the way) I couldn’t pass up some clearance yarn in Meath colors. The yarn is Red Heart Boutique Sashay Team Spirit. Meath is my Mum’s birth county. In Ireland in gaelic games you support your county. This is a Meath footballer I was quite partial to when I was growing up.

Trevor Giles in 1996, copyright Lorraine O’Sullivan/INPHO

I made the scarf for my aunt who loves to go to the games. It is probably way too ruffly for her but I think she will feel happy that I’ve finally made something for her.

Here is Conor mixing it with Boston colors for modeling purposes.

He is a big fan

To counteract any resemblance to the Packers I picked up the Vikings colors to make a scarf for myself. Although I think Conor will steal my Vikings one when I make it…


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