Number 1 Dad

We had a fantastic Father’s Day on Sunday. We got the Father’s Day package for the Lowell Spinners, which included playing catch with dad on the field before the game, and running the bases afterwards. You also got a t-shirt.

It’s true

The boys were pretty excited about the game.

Go Spinners!

We forgot a ball for playing catch, though we remembered the glove! $5 ball, priceless experience…


The most amazing thing was that, as we were finishing up playing catch, an intern asked Papa if he and Conor wanted to be “baseball buddies” for the national anthem. We didn’t quite know what that meant but he said yes, and, while there was quite a bit of waiting around in the sun behind home plate, the pair of them also got to go into the dugout and were given another ball so they could get autographs, and they met the Canaligator, AND they got to run out to right field with Franklin Guzman for the national anthem! I couldn’t have been prouder of both of them!

They are in the outfield on the furthest right

A GREAT DAY! We love you Papa!!!


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