Curtains, Hemmed and Tied

I have finished all my curtains except that I still haven’t figured out how to tie my front living room’s curtains, so I’ll update with those another day. I made grommeted tie-backs for them, but when I tried to install hooks into the wall, the plaster crumbled. I’m waiting for Papa to save the day on those ones! I will either get him to install the hooks or I will get some cute, fancy metal closure system and have them free-floating.

All curtains and hardware were purchased from Ikea. Only one color didn’t work out (so my dining room still needs something) and one was a spare idea that was deemed WAY too white by both parents in a house of grimy paws. I will take a trip to return the extras this week.

Here are my living room curtains (Lenda). I only had to take 10 inches off these big guys. That was by far the least amount of cutting and hemming. They also came with tie-backs (yay!)


I really liked these Ferle curtains for my bathroom so I was delighted when I had to cut enough from the length that I could turn the cuttings sideways and have enough fabric for a whole other (smaller) bathroom window downstairs!

Curtain hold backs because tying would be too fussy with these heavily-used curtains

Downstairs “remnants”, with sewn ties

Today’s final project was the curtains for the upstairs landing. Again, I had to take off around 43 inches from these Vivan curtains, so the measuring took me a while… Eoin spent half of it trashing his room, trying not to nap, then half of it actually napping. For the tie backs I cut 6 strips with a zig-zag scissors and braided three strips together for each, sewing the ends together.


So, I’m pretty proud of how the house looks now. It was Papa who wanted curtains (I just wanted them for the living room because its windows are so draughty in the winter…) He was so right about the difference they make, and I am naturally proud of what I feel is a job well done. I got to be creative (with different tie-backs) and I worked hard during those precious nap times. I also feel that I have finally improved my straight-line sewing skills! It’s a miracle!



  1. Yay!! Great job! I can’t wait to get curtains up on our windows: as you mentioned, I think it’ll make a huge difference. Your house looks fab xx

  2. Well done you! Great job! I can’t wait to put curtains up in our house: as you said, I think it will make a huge difference! Your house looks fab xx

  3. Very impressive! All the curtains look great and I especially love your idea of the braided tiebacks that you made!

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