I consider myself a very lucky girl today. I was trying to purge some unnecessary iPhone photos (like 500 selfies of my boys’ foreheads for example) so I decided to download everything on to the computer, delete off the phone, then wade through 4000 photos over the weekend. I made a few mistakes e.g. not backing up first, and not checking whether it was just file names that had transferred but also that there was no damage. The last 20 or so files did not transfer because my computer has next to no storage left (another reason for the purge…)

ALL my photos of Mum’s visit were lost and two great videos of the boys. Heartbreak! I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about it. Well, today I read that your phone backs up to iCloud periodically and if you’re lucky you can access an older one. I knew the latest one was post-deletion and I could not find a way to see if there was an older one, so I had to delete everything off my phone (after backing up of course) and trust to blind luck that when I went through the menus that an old iCloud backup would turn up. PHEW! One from June 9! So I have only lost a few adorable photos of my Celtics boys hanging on monkey bars.

And here is one of the videos for perpetuity! I want it stored in as many places as possible!!!




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