I Have Been Sewing

It all started with a realization of a need for curtains. A trip to IKEA ensued, which meant that a lot of hemming had to be done. Who knows who needs 98 inch curtains, but we certainly don’t in our low-ceilinged house. I have been unable to do any of the curtains justice in pictures, probably because the wide angle needed takes in too much toy detritus…

So here is some sewing I did over this past week. In February, Crafty Staci put a rainbow coffee sleeve tutorial up as her Coffee Sleeve of the Month. Conor is in the Rainbow Room at school, so I decided coffee was something the teachers might appreciate as a parting gift, with a rainbow sleeve to brighten up their days. Conor is a fan.

Bright days

I still have to add a button on each. I will measure against a cardboard coffee cup at the cafe at Knit Night tonight.

Above you can also see that I made a padded sleeve for my iPad. My iPad Mini fits in my handbag but I don’t like to just stuff it in there in case it scratches. This has been on my to-do list for a couple of months…

A bit tight, but hey that’s a good thing, right?

I loosely followed one shabby chick’s tutorial with a couple of short cuts (e.g. pre-quilted batting for the lining) and no velcro (because I’m a knitter). I’m really pleased.


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