Cast On

I finished Mike Wazowski on Tuesday night. I was eager to get him finished that night because I was feeling a little burned out. I have now finished the boys’ themes for 0 and 1 years of age.

Certain areas need filling in of course

The buttons you see are from the boys’ sweaters that I knit. They seem a bit out of place but I will keep thinking about it…

I have plenty of ideas for Conor for ages 2 and 3, but Eoin is naturally still a work in progress.

So I was pretty delighted when my friend had a baby boy and posted an adorable picture on Wednesday morning. I cast on immediately. I hadn’t knitted in three months! My hands did okay for a while with my self-imposed cross stitch therapy but then they just got bad again and I have had trouble with my ring and middle finger on my right hand for two months. It just won’t shift. A visit with the dermatologist confirmed that I definitely need not give up knitting.

So I’m a very happy knitter. But I would definitely like to be caught up on my growth chart, and put a nice hem on the whole thing and hang it up!

Sirdar Snuggly Baby Speckled DK 1356

I almost have the back finished… And my hands are so out of practice that I find myself cramping up…


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