Story Walk

My friend Mary suggested we take her boys and mine on a Story Walk (R) that our local (fantastic) North Suburban Family Resource Network has created with some other groups in the fells (Friends of the Fells, Mass Dept of Conservation and Recreation and Mass in Motion). It was simply fantastic; An easy self-guided trail with lovely pictures from a story book set just the right length apart for little feet… The boys all took a laminated sheet with pictures of animals on them that we tried to find. We didn’t figure out until halfway through that the animals on your sheet were HIDING in the pictures of the featured animals… That prompted us to turn right back again at the end and go backwards to find the ones we had missed at the start!

The boys were so excited!

Each picture had the typical track that animal makes. Conor was making and finding all kinds of tracks…

I THINK this was a possum but I can’t remember now because we flew from one post to the next

Getting up close to a skunk…

The boys imaginations were so fired up by this exercise. They were convinced they saw turtles and turkeys and snake tracks and and and…

What a delight!

The best thing was Conor said he wanted to go on a hike again soon… Yay!


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