Frozen has taken over our lives ever since I brought the movie home in a prize basket from Conor’s school fundraiser auction. The boys call it “Ice” and after we watch it they say “Ice again” and when we are in the car we listen to the Ice music…

Conor’s friend from school had a birthday party this weekend and apparently told her parents she had too many toys??? She wanted everyone to do an “act of true love” instead. You can guess from that quote that Frozen is a big thing in her life too (Of course, I didnt get that until I had seen the movie once, or ten times…)! You should have SEEN the party ideas! (I especially loved this Olaf In a Bowl).

I had trouble figuring out how to give a little token gift until I hit on a Heifer International donation. Conor chose a share of a goat. I thought it would be something tangible that his friend could appreciate. I also decided to make her a snowman who could not melt…

Hi, I’m Olaf!

So, I still haven’t showed you my big cross stitch project, but this one is certainly extremely current!!!


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