A Birthday Visit

I wasn’t the only one celebrating my birthday recently. My friend Gemma came all the way to us in Boston to celebrate hers! I felt blessed and honored to have her company. We went out on her birthday for yummy Thai food and when we got back we tested out a new cake I made.

So, obviously I had no clue what I was doing. This was the first cake I had ever piped the decorations onto. Things improved slightly when I realised I could do the rosettes etc. And with the tasting of course…

Garden Cafe Chocolate Mousse Gateau (Darina Allen)

Eoin continues to hog all candles in preparation for his birthday next month

Of course, Gemma was not the only one getting presents. She brought some awesome things for the boys. She obviously knows her godson too well…


We packed as much in to the few days as we could. We went to the MIT Museum for the first time. It’s not the easiest for wrangling children but their kinetics exhibit was fascinating for all ages (and the boys could activate them with foot pedals).

You push off with your feet to get this one going

My absolute favorite thing was these sunflowers in the window. The solar panel on the back powers a flashlight on the front. I really want to make one!!!

SUN flowers

Since Gemma was here during a normal week we were tied down with school and sports classes. Gemma loved seeing Conor at swimming and baseball. The Y has strict policies in the pool about taking photos so I haven’t gotten one in 4 years of swimming, until they let Conor jump in a few times on his own for Gemma to try and catch him in action.


No fear.


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