Ice Fishing

At the fishing hole – A Bite!

Polar Princess had a very successful fishing trip. It took a long time to prepare her for her trip – she has a lot of gear! I used so much yarn and, more sentimentally, some very important stash. Her green face and core are from Conor’s baby sweater, her limbs are from Eoin’s, her bootees are from Mum’s fingerless mitts (all Sirdar Snuggly DK) and Emma’s baby sweater (Sublime Bamboo Silk), her eyes are from Daddy’s Botanic hat (Cascade 220) The fish is from Conor’s one-year birthday present (Berroco Origami).

I am so pleased with how she turned out. My friend Teresa suggested the buttonholes for the ears. I love that little touch. She’s such a cutie.

In her natural habitat

The pattern is Polar Pete by Cilla Webb. It was a Mystery KAL in my Knitted Toys group on ravelry. Next time I do a Mystery KAL I will pay attention to the yarn requirements and remember when SO much yarn is required, that also means a LOT of knitting!

In other good news the predominance of acrylic in Princess means my hand has improved significantly. I am going to try and take a break from knitting and do some cross stitch, but I did get sucked into a ravelry vortex this morning trying to find a pattern for my Chinese silk (it’s not wool, OKAY?!!!)


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