Hear Mama Roar

Once upon a time, there was one Roar, A Dinosaur Hat. I’ve talked before about how much I love love love this pattern from Kate Oates of Tot Toppers. Her sizing is impeccable. Conor was the first recipient.


I cannot believe how shiny that hat looks in that post. It has been passed down to Eoin

Conor got a larger hat with the leftovers switched

and is on its second winter with him.

Snowy day today

Daddy got a matching hat last winter, of which I was very proud (big head means lots of knitting!)I love seeing my three boys with their matching hats. I’m such a sucker for matching hats…


Obviously, the toddler hat is way too small for Eoin, so I endeavoured to make a bigger one this season. I decided to make a larger one for Conor, so he could pass on his child-size hat to Eoin. BUT, it was way too big for both boys. Mama has ended up with a hat of her own! Conor will keep his and Eoin will get another child size.

We are getting so many additional comments now that I have one too…

Hear Mama Roar!

I love the Spud and Chloe Sweater yarn. The hats got very wet today and were still dry on the inside, where it matters! It’s lovely to knit with and it is not at all itchy on me, even though I cannot tolerate wool!!!

Drying for more action

We had an opportunity for a family photo this afternoon; I have been waiting for this moment for a week! (Eoin’s hat is still the too-small one, but I have all the knitting done on his larger size and only four more spikes to sew on so I am willing to cheat a little…)

Matching Family of Roars


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