A Week of New Food

I’ve been trying some new food recently. The boys got individual pizzas last week because Conor picks everything out grrrrr.

Individual pizzas, goodies for Eoin’s pizza and mine, sauce simmering

Papa and I ended up having little tiffs about butternut squash last year after TOO MANY from our CSA box so I am determined to switch it up this year. He thought this next recipe was too sweet but I liked them a lot.

Martha Stewart Butternut Squash Pot Stickers (click on picture for link)

On Snowy Snowstorm Wednesday I made cottage pie and thought I was adding rutabaga to the mash but it turned out it was, ahem, watermelon radish… So I cooked and mashed it with potatoes, and made PINK mash… (I have also just discovered it was radish by going back through my CSA emails – cringeworthy close to my cooking Lemon Cucumbers…)

Are you sure about this mama?

It’s very… Pink?



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