Another Mystery KAL!

I know I was complaining earlier this year that there was no summer MKAL in my Knitted Toys group on ravelry, but a fellow April baby mom Slaatje designed a January MKAL for the group! Yay! The design is called Polar Pete and calls for white, beige, yellow and blue, but I think I am going for a Polar Princess because my stash is not complying with those colors (I like to stashbust for these KALs.)

Princess Colors

I’ve run into a slight problem, because I have run out of white (I am using leftover Sirdar Snuggly DK from Eoin’s sweater…) I am therefore going to knit the body out of Conor’s leftover green baby sweater yarn (also Snuggly) and the head and ears out of Conor and Eoin’s leftover washcloth yarn. I’m hoping this crazy mix of colors and yarns will be mitigated by the fact that all these yarns have huge emotional significance for me.

Of course, now I have started on the leftover green yarn I am worried that I will be short again. I am going to rip back my FIRST EVER SWATCH and see how it goes. (The little ball on the right is four small cast-offs I saved… I may have to use them, but I hope not!

Arms, legs… swatch, body???

I am prepared toi rip back and use a different yarn if need be, but I would be delighted if I could use the green since it would incorporate both yarns from my boys’ baby sweaters…


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