Two Trees

Before I left we picked out our Christmas tree, but I left the boys to put it up and decorate it (Papa left me the star…) So Christmas trees were on my mind when I was in Ireland.

I spent my entire Decembers of my childhood pleading with my mum to let us get a Christmas tree before the LAST weekend before Christmas. She never gave in. This year, however, I preyed on her weakened state and made some excellent arguments: “It would be good to get it up while you have the help”, “Dónal won’t be up until Christmas Eve”, “Oh look, Mum, Dónal’s old school is selling Christmas trees – it will set up a huge rivalry between him and Dad that won’t just extend to rugby anymore…” We had four men helping us pick out a tree, while I was being slagged by them for being so picky about a tree that I wouldn’t even have any presents under (!!!) but I am very happy with the results, and my victory.

Awaiting presents

While I was away we swapped Skype images of Christmas trees and I could tell that my tree in Boston was also a triumph, but it’s even better in person.

Also awaiting presents

Now all we have to do is set up a business importing water bases for Christmas trees to Ireland and I will get my way every year!


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