Stealth Knitting REVEALED

I brought a knitting project to Nashville.

Morning Walk Earwarmer Headband

This project was excellent for sanity and also for pulling the wool over the eyes of…

Farmor, trying on before blocking

So, really, Farmor thought this was her birthday present. It was something she requested after seeing Bronwen‘s.

However, she was, in fact, getting a 7-month alpaca knitting odyssey. Quite a few years ago I brought her to Mind’s Eye Yarns in Cambridge and she bought some amazing alpaca. She loves to crochet blankets for her family and I thought she might branch out… Alas, we are a rather fertile bunch, and she never gets a chance to stray away from the blankets, so last Thanksgiving I asked her if I could return it to Boston so that I could make something for her.

We chose Hillflowers by Anne Hanson. Each row took me an average of 8 minutes so it took me about 80 hours in total. A true labor of love.

Before blocking

A bath

Pinned out over four foam blocks

Ready for transport


Happy in Hillflowers



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