Two Weekends of Museums

Last weekend I took some time for myself and caught a small exhibition of 17th Century Dutch Paintings at the Peabody Essex Museum. It’s close to my heart since I wrote my Masters thesis on some themes found in Dutch painting. This is why I went:

Now imagine she’s writing or reading a letter and there you have my thesis…

An Impressionists on Water exhibition was just starting that day – what luck! This one is for Mum.

This weekend I had the boys to myself so I decided to brave the Museum of Fine Arts with them in tow. An exhibition on John Singer Sargent was what had spurred me to go to the Dutch exhibit in the first place, so I wanted to see the Sargent one as well. Most people seemed to think I was very gutsy, and probably gave me many comforting looks because they kept thinking I had twins… I had to burn through each room, but I wasn’t as fast as I’ve seen most tourists do the Louvre…

Conor got to look at the map and chose to see the mummies. The boys love maps as you can see.

By land and by sea

As a reward we went to the Discovery Museum in Acton today. Eoin was finally the right age for it and enjoyed it a lot.


Coins are always a hit

There was a whole new room with vacuums and air games with balls and vents and foam. Loved it.

The boys were in good shape so we continued on to the Science Museum on the same grounds for the first time. It is designed for older kids but it is awesome. There was plenty the boys could manage. Conor had no fear going through this mist tornado.


I loved everything about it, especially how it is so hands-on. The bigger museums tend to have everything nailed down because it has a higher tendency to go “walkabout” I suppose.

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