I’m Sensing a Theme

We’re in serious Halloween mode here. Conor is suuuuu excited. We had two Halloween events yesterday – one at the Y and the other in town. The town stores were giving out treats and the local TV station had a green screen so Darth Vader got to see himself with C3PO! Mama’s favourite part was that the old burying ground was open for the two hours too. The boys loved the leaves in there!

Crinkle crinkle crunch crunch

In the jungle?

After dinner I continued the Halloween spirit with carving the pumpkin. Earlier in the week I had to make a Darth Vader Pumpkin for Conor, copying off a stencil picture on the internet.


With required light saber

When I carved Papa’s big one last night I had no idea it would end up having a big W for a mouth – his initial! I must really miss him…

Eoin’s pumpkin, Teresa’s squash from Pennsylvania, W’s pumpkin, and Darth Vader

Today we had to go to the mall to get shoes for Conor and I went into Williams Sonoma. I spied some Star Wars themed cookie cutters that were half price… I have been coveting these for a long time and couldn’t put them down.

Don don don

Conor loved helping with the dough and cutting, but the cookies themselves are rock hard. I used the recipe that came with the cutters…


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