Gearing Up

Conor is completely into Darth Vader and he and Eoin have been going around for weeks with the light saber, swords, sticks etc singing the Imperial March. It is extremely cute.

A few weeks ago I found an ultimate extreme light saber at Marshalls and realised it may be perfect for Halloween, since Conor’s first light saber (bought at the Lowell Spinners) was an unfortunate lesson in electricity in a paddling pool and is being held together by duct tape. He misplaced it two days ago and has become very attached to various sticks instead. Since this led to a boy taking his stick from him today after school I thought he might need a Better Stick and something to cheer him (ME) up. How on earth does a parent deal with mean kids in an age where you can’t say boo??? It’s something I’ve been struggling with since Conor has started school.

For Papa, who had to miss the big reveal, with heavy breathing…

Tiniest Darth Vader ever


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