October Knit Alongs

My Mystery Toy KAL and Mitt KAL are coming along very nicely. At Knit Night I finished by first angry bird’s face so I decided to give my headless toy some facial recognition.

Now it looks like a minion

However, yesterday I finished the thumb of the mitten and got Conor to try it on. It is a bit long on the thumb and short on the palm and fingers. I might try to change the sizing of the second mitten slightly and hope that it’s not too obvious.

Conor was delighted however, but then he wanted to go outside with it and play in the snow! Well, it was dark outside, and it wasn’t snowing… I went against all my instincts and got out a box pf peanuts from the basement! The things I do to get to see my mitten on its recipient!

It’s snowing!

Clue 3 came out for the Mystery KAL yesterday and most people’s suspicions about a gingerbread man have proven correct. Clue 4 will prompt us to “embellish”, with prizes!

Just needs stuffing and “embellishing”

I think I will give him or her a soak before stuffing to see if I can even up some of the stitches, and I will spend the rest of the week thinking up ideas for adding some character. Our Knit Night bakery always does cool gingerbread sports characters so it might be that but I may stay traditional…


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