At Topsfield Fair

The shutdown allowed us to avoid some of the crowds at Topsfield Fair and bring Papa on a weekday. It was Conor’s third visit, Eoin’s second, and Papa’s first!

Enthralled by the Clydesdales

We saw all the usual suspects and enjoyed feeding all the animals at the petting zoo.

Nom nom nom

We finished off at the carousel and the kiddie fair rides, where we were given two free rides by two different people. I don’t know why people thought we were worthy but it really made me feel so happy to experience so much generosity. We only felt able to spend some cash at the fair because Suzi had insisted Papa take her leftover cash from her Boston trip (THANK YOU SUZI!!!) and Farmor had also been pretty adamant that we had some “fun” and not worry so much about the shutdown for a bit.


Conor got to go on his first ever fair ride by himself (save train rides).

Loving it

Mama got a tiny bit of time to check out the Handmade Exhibit. First thing to check out was Karen’s First Prize, but then my knitting ladies had gushed about “the quilt”. WOW.

Double Wow

Triple Wow


One comment

  1. A day together creating memories…..priceless! Glad you got to experience the fair (and those quilts – wow!!!) and have some well-deserved fun in the midst of your worries.

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