Targeted Acts of Kindness

Some people may remember that I participated in a baby hat swap with the lovely ladies on Ravelry who all had babies in April of last year. They all recently decided to organize a yarn swap (with extra bonus candy!) and I didn’t feel able to partake because of the cost. Now there is also a Mitten KAL and I posted about my ideas for patterns and about my troubles getting mitts to fit Conor. I hoped to finally get a pair to fit him (and that he would wear) since the Angry Mitts looked so great. It already inspired another knitter, and I posted how awesome they were and I was sorry I could not join her since our financial position had changed in the meantime.
Well, I got in the door today from bringing the boys swimming and there was a yarn package from Switzerland! Apparently, Giovanna, to whom I sent the ear flap hat in the swap, is adamant that I take part in the Mittens KAL. She declares that it is “NOT a RAK (Random Act of Kindness)” but I know better…


It seems I am surrounded by enablers, because I had to convince Teresa not to raid her stash for the same mittens. I think the only thing that stopped her sending yarn in the mail is that she will be seeing me at Knit Night tonight… This generosity and love is pretty amazing and it’s hard to know how to react except to get very mushy, which doesn’t come across very well on the blog. I was pretty speechless when I saw the package and the note, and I had to sit down for a minute. I’m still pretty speechless now. I did of course manage to open the package in the end…

Just look at that gorgeous blue…

I’m going to cast on the second after I post about this on Ravelry too and thank Giovanna…


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