It’s Not a Bottle of Tequila

On Saturday we got to have a wonderful breakfast with Papa’s aunt Suzi, who was in town on the first leg of her final flight schedule with Lufthansa. Suzi is always incredibly generous (she always brings a lifetime’s supply of Haribo and gorgeous Christmas decorations) so I was feeling a bit upset that the shutdown meant our financial uncertainty prevented us from buying a gift, especially when I heard her birthday was Sunday! We have great memories of playing board games and chatting over some fine tequila in Germany so I really wanted to get her a nice bottle again.

Time to rack the brains…

Bloggers to the rescue! Pillows-A-La-Mode has made some lovely comments on my blog and she recently had a two-year anniversary “Good Neighbor Award” where she asked everyone to nominate their favorite blogger, whom they would love to have as a neighbor. I actually didn’t participate, because mine is ALREADY my neighbor. Karen! If you have some time I would recommend going through the list. I only had enough time to check out the winner, Crafty Staci, and I am in love with her ability to curate beautiful ideas and inspire. She has some great tutorials and I found I was intrigued by some larger mug mats that also fit a cookie. I went through my fabrics, cut up a stroller blanket I made that got dragged under the wheels and damaged, and found the perfect showcase piece from my absolute most favorite t-shirt from my teen years.


It’s not at all perfect, but  it’s got a lot of heart.

And it would fit a bottle of tequila and shot glass too!

Wrapped with love



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