Angry Mitts

I want to make Angry Mitts by Down Cloverlaine for Conor. He loves Angry Birds right now and will need mitts for the winter. What better way to get him to wear mittens?!

Copyright Down Cloverlaine

Unfortunately, I don’t have the right color yarn. I usually have a budget for this kind of thing, where I can go out and not really have to think about paying $9 for a skein of Cascade 220. Or $5 for some KnitPicks yarn (lots of great colors.)

However, today, Papa has gone into work for an “orderly shutdown”. He will be home for lunch and then he will be home until the government approves funding for itself… He will not be paid. He may not be back-paid. We are not sure if we will have money to pay the mortgage at the end of the month if this goes more than about three weeks. We just paid our first oil bill, Conor just started preschool (another check is due today), I just took a trip to Ireland, we have direct debit payments that go out during the month…

I’ve never really had this problem before – Where I have to think about every single dollar. Do we buy our usual expensive single-source coffee or Folgers? Birthday presents for two upcoming parties will go on the credit card. Food will go on the credit card (I can’t even shop at Aldi because they don’t take credit.) Papa has a great federal job, we enjoy wonderful benefits, but we are now stuck in a horrible position where everything is taken from us and we feel so helpless. People at work are telling him to enjoy his “vacation” but they don’t realise that we are a young family in an expensive city with expenses that have gone up while pay has been frozen for three years… And what is going to happen to the work that mounts up while he is prohibited from working? We, in fact, were planning to go camping this weekend but now we can’t because we don’t know how much money we will have in the bank at the end of the month.

We can generally afford lots of great things. We can give the boys swim and sports lessons, go to museums (with reduced passes from the library), we can afford our hobbies, some vacations, we can send Conor to preschool… We can afford to have me stay home with the boys.

But now my husband has this huge weight of responsibility on his shoulders and he is more worried than even I can fathom. I am going to be going to the supermarket today or tomorrow and I will be thinking of everything in a completely different way. It’s good for me I suppose, but it’s scary as hell.

I hope it’s worth it. I hope everybody in this country gets health care. And I hope people realise the sacrifice 800,000 people are making to make it happen.


One comment

  1. Hi Liz,
    I really hope the politicans resolve things asap, so that life for your lovely family can return to normal.
    Thinking of you all,

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